ETI HVAC Thermometer Kit with Penetration Probe
ETI HVAC Thermometer Kit with Penetration Probe

Product Code - 860-090

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Use the HVAC Kit in heating and ventilation applications. The kit comprises of a thermometer, penetration probe, two pipe clam probes and is housed in an ABS carrying case.
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The HVAC Thermometer Kit comes with various products designed to be used in the heating and ventilation industry.

The kit includes an ETI Differential Thermometer, a penetration probe, two pipe clamp probes and a calibration certificate.  Everything is housed in a tough ABS carrying case.

This is a great value kit and is ideal for heating, air-conditioning and ventilation engineers.

The Differential Thermometer included is a robust two channel thermometer which allows the simultaneous connection of two type K thermocouple probes.  For more information and a full spec of this product – click here.

Key Features

  • Therma Differential Thermometer has a tough waterproof casing (acc. to IP 66/67)
  • Stainless steel penetration probe is handheld (type k)
  • Pipe clamp probes have a fast response time of less than 2 seconds


Individual part numbers

1 x 231-022 Therma Differential thermometer

1 x 123-160 penetration probe

2 x 133-040 pipe clamp probes

1 x 834-300 ABS carrying case


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