Thermometers and Temperature Equipment

The choice of thermometers and accessories available will allow you measure the temperature of a selection of surfaces and substances, in a wide variety of industries and applications. The thermometers can be used for water temperature testing (using the legionella kit) and can be used in food processing and high temperature applications. Just combine your thermometer with a compatible probe and you’re ready to measure.

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Prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and control water temperature with our Legionnaires Testing products. This includes our popular ETI Legionnaires Kit. The Thermistor Thermometers will provide you with highly accurate readings when used alongside the correct probe. You can take non-contact surface temperature measurements in applications such as the catering industry and automotive with the Infrared Thermometer Range.
Simultaneously measure with two different types of probes using ETI’s multichannel thermometers. These will allow accurate measurements and readings. You can enhance all of these products with a great selection of accessories. This includes a protective silicone boot which comes in a variety of colours. Choose the colour which best suits your industry.