ETI Legionnaires' Thermometer Kit
ETI Legionnaires' Thermometer Kit

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Monitor water levels and prevent the risk of Legionnaires' Disease with the ETI Legionnaires' Thermometer Kit.  Legionnella Bacteria
will multiply in water between 20°C and 45°C

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Description / Features / Spec


ETI Legionnaires' Thermometer Kit

The ETI Legionnaires Kit is suitable for controlling and monitoring the temperature of standing water and other surfaces.  The kit includes three different probes, the Therma 1 thermometer, a countdown timer and a tub of wipes.  This is all housed in an ABS carrying case.

The choice of probes allows you to measure on various surfaces.  The ribbon surface probe can be used to take the temperature of tanks and pipes.  The wire probe is designed to measure hard-to-reach or awkward places where the other probes aren’t suitable and the penetration probe (immersion probe) is suitable for measuring water to a minimum depth of 25mm.

Controlling legionella bacteria means storing water below 20°C if it is cold, or above 60°C and distributed at above 50°C, if hot.  Bacteria will multiply in water between 20°C and 45°C and this is more likely to occur if nutrients such as scale, rust, sludge and algae are present.

The HSE provide guidance on the control of legionella bacteria in water.  If you are an employer, or in charge of a premises, you are responsible for organising the risk assessment.  The Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) applies to all hot and cold water systems in the workplace, regardless of capacity.

You must take action according to the readings you receive with your Legionnaires’ Kit and act in accordance to the Approved Code of Practice: Legionnaires Disease. 

Key Features

  • Auto-off power saving function, helps save battery life when unit is inactive
  • Features a measurement scale of Celsius/Fahrenheit, hold function, battery monitor and a max/min function
  • Compatible with HACCP
  • 12mm LCD digital display on Therma 1
  • Probe is plug mounted probe with a lead


Range 0.1°C

-99.9 to 299.9°C

Range 1°C

300 to 1372°C


0.1°C & 1°C


±0.4°C ±0.1%

Battery Type &   Life

3 x 1.5 volt AAA (10000   hours/min 5 years)

Sensor Type

K thermocouple


25 x 56 x 128mm


130 grams

Country of   Manufacturer

United Kingdom


Two years for the   handheld unit
  6 months for probes

What's Included

  • 1 x 221-041 Therma 1   thermometer
  • 1 x 123-160   penetration probe
  • 1 x 123-030   precision ribbon sufrace probe
  • 1 x 133-362 PTFE   wire probe
  • 1 x 806-150   countdown timer
  • 1 x 836-032 One tub   UniWipes (40)
  • 1 x 834-150 ABS   carrying case

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