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FPAL Supplier Number - 10050617

Frontline Safety have passed the registration and evaluation process (explained below) and are now FPAL approved, making us a potential supplier for any buyers who wish to source us for contract opportunities. 


What is FPAL?

First Point Assessment Limited (FPAL) was established in 1996 to increase efficiency in Supply Chains and share information, audit and assessment costs between operators and contractors  in the oil and gas industry.  FPAL, part of a range of supplier management services, was acquired by Achilles in 2004 for various sectors and regions.  This was to ensure that supplier information shared was complete, valid and up-to-date and that duplication of information did not occur.
As of January 1st, 2012 the FPAL Steering Committees is represented by parties such as Talisman Energy, E-on and Petrofac.

What is the aim of FPAL?

The aims of FPAL are to identify and qualify, evaluate and monitor suppliers for the benefit of its purchasing members and in turn create an effective Supply Chain network within buyer-supplier communities.  

The identify and qualify stage involves a standard pre-qualification service by FPAL which collects information on suppliers e.g. financial performance, policies and products or services.  Once the information is collected FPAL then ensures it is up-to-date, correct and forwards it on to the buyer communities online. 

Both suppliers and FPAL purchasers have access to the information gathered.  Suppliers can evaluate their performance and the purchasers can evaluate their suppliers.  Both buyers and suppliers are able to view scores and performance ratings through the FPAL benchmarking facilities.  Buyers can view potential supplier scores and suppliers can evaluate their own performance compared to that of their competitors.  

The monitoring stage of supply chain solutions by FPAL means that both buyers and suppliers can work together effectively and any opportunities of improvement can be identified. 



Frontline Safety have been an FPAL approved company since 2008.  A registration questionnaire was completed to present the company to the buyers in the oil and gas industry through FPAL.  Frontline Safety had to disclose their products, services and what their business approach was in certain areas.  

Once the information has been checked, purchasers are able to search for suppliers that match their requirements which helps reduce the time and costs of repetitive searching.